An Unforgettable Experience

When you’re not meeting new partners, suppliers, or prospects on the uniquely designed expo floor, you’ll want to take part in our interactive content offerings - including world class keynotes, real-world case-studies, and best-in-class programming – presented in ways you’ve never seen before.

Become a Speaker

Valuable industry information

Explore how real-life customer problems are solved. Discover new pathways to growth. Then implement the many useful solutions to make your company more profitable, more efficient, and more successful.

We cover the topics you need to know, now! Conference material is designed by our in-house experts who understand the channel ecosystem – and what is needed to succeed. Participate and learn in exclusive programs and environments that you won’t see or hear anywhere else.

Exclusive Programs & Environments


If you have just entered the channel as a new agency, MSP, or provider, the (Star)ters track gives you an accelerated pathway to success as you learn from experienced channel leaders. Sessions help you understand the channel industry and the lessons learned from those that came before you that help you avoid mistakes or gain traction.

Sessions in this track are great for those new to the channel industry or want a refresh.

Rising Stars

If you work for a channel organization in business development, customer management or operations, the rising stars track is the perfect opportunity to grow and develop your skill set. This track features trends, technologies and practices that will help take your skills to the next level.

Sessions offer peer-lead content to develop strategies to land larger accounts, increase revenue from existing customers, break into new industry verticals, and generate incremental revenue from existing customer relationships.

Elite Stars

Enter this track as a business owner to refine how you approach leadership, develop your rising stars, and monetize your investment in your business.

Collaborate with your peers and channel leaders to create strategies to grow the business through new and existing customer relationships and explore profitable exit strategies.

Corporate Wellness

Leading your team or personally coping with a rapidly changing marketplace can be a very stressful exercise. Collaborate with nationally recognized wellness specialists who will give you strategies to re-energize, find better balance, and take care of yourself and your employees.

Digital Transformation

Discover new and innovative technologies that companies are investing in, why these technologies are game changers in the channel, and how they can revolutionize your revenue stream.

Unique offerings that aren't limited to the classroom

Our distinctive settings help create communities and networking opportunities never seen before. Intimate Q&A with speakers and knowledge experts; focus groups delivering solutions to questions and topics you want to hear; current trends and themes created via Channel Fusion crowdsourcing – all offerings a wide variety of methods to learn and participate in a way that is most meaningful to you.

Expo Floor Learning Opportunities

Fusion Lab

Provides attendees unprecedented access to information on new technology and services from the Channel supply chain communities. Hear real-world case studies; explore challenges faced and solved; find new concepts and innovations that can impact future growth strategies.

Knowledge Bar

Hang out at our bar and get your questions addressed by subject-matter experts who will address problem-solving answers on the critical issues impacting today’s channel sales.

Participant Designed Content

We want you! Channel Fusion’s unique networking is not limited to our expo floor and gatherings. Via crowdsourcing and focus groups, we want our community to provide input in our content design. The aim is to empower channel users by involving stakeholders who will propose and generate content and topics that are current and meaningful to them. Stay tuned as a uniquely Channel Fusion program develops.

Schedule at a Glance

Take a look at the tracks being offered at Channel Fusion, the session previews of what's to come, as well as a glance day by day.

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Channel Fusion is designed to offer meaningful content, purposeful connections, generate ideas, and explore real world strategies in an interactive learning environment. The event features interactive experiences designed to generate networking, learning and business. The business floor will feature Knowledge Bars for intimate group discussions, Learning Labs for real-life case studies, workshops, and solutions, and an AI driven Smart Meetings Matchmaking program - matching attendees and exhibitors while advancing business opportunities. The Channel Accelerator will connect attendees to unique providers with new solutions that are available in the channel.