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Virtual Event Preview

Channel Fusion Expo, slated for June 7-9 in Charlotte, North Carolina, is packed with insights and education for industry veterans, rising stars and individuals that are new to the channel.  Each month, we'll be launching online previews of what you will see in Charlotte with panel discussions, industry insights and new ideas.  Sign up for the Channel Fusion online preview and get started learning.  The preview is free so make sure to tell your co-workers and industry peers to join us.


This session has ended, but is available On Demand.  Watch Now This 30-minute power-packed conversation connects you with a panel of professionals, offering M&A insights and expectations for telecom service agencies and managed services providers. If your deciding an exit strategy is right for your business, this workshop is a must-attend. Immediately following the session, you can meet the experts for a personal Q&A session.


Carolyn Bradfield
Convey Services
Tim Mueller
Seth Penland
Founder & CEO
Bluewave Technology Group
2023-02-09 Sessions Carolyn Bradfield, Tim Mueller, Seth Penland,

This session has ended, but is available On Demand.  Watch Now Are you relating to Tom Brady these days as he contemplates continuing to take the field or finally retire? If so, you’ll want to hear from owners of channel companies that have recently sold their business to find out how they made the decision between selling, continuing to play, or to retire. Immediately following the session, meet the experts for a personal Q&A session.


Carolyn Bradfield
Convey Services
Lorie Burkemper
Managing Partner
iSymplify - A Bluewave Company
Bill Patchett
CEO and Founder
P2 Business Solutions, an AppSmart Company
Mark White
Brand Ambassador Equity Partner
2023-02-09 Sessions Carolyn Bradfield, Lorie Burkemper, Bill Patchett, Mark White,

This session has ended, but is available On Demand.    Watch Now If you have "Rising Stars" inside your business that are mission critical to keeping your customers educated, informed, and satisfied, then make sure they attend the Rising Star Customer Experience Pre-Event Workshop. The Top CX Trends for 2023 From technology to marketing to data analytics, discover the tools and strategies you should be considering for 2023, to keep customers connected and satisfied. Converting Data into Insights to Improve the Customer Experience You...

2023-03-16 Sessions

You've heard about the “big wins” that sellers have landed, but you wonder how they did it. Join us for a Pre-Event Workshop on how to "Slay the Dragon."How We Hunted, Found & Landed the Big Deal Panel DiscussionHere from our expert panel of sellers who will profile a big sales win and how they "slayed that dragon.” Immediately following the session, jump into the "Meet the Experts" lounge for a personal Q&A with the panel.Think Outside the Box: Creative Approaches to Secure BusinessSometimes the traditional methods to what you sell, who you sell it to, and how you get their attention, fall short. Our expert sellers share their creative style and processes to help you win. Afterwards, ask your questions directly in the "Meet the Experts" lounge to learn more.

2023-04-20 Sessions

If you think marketing is too hard, or that you'll never be good at it, then think again. This must-see preview of our live-event workshop will give you an opportunity to earn a free trial of essential channel marketing technology.The Unified Marketing PlatformIf you are using too many services to send emails, manage your website, run a CRM, this workshop will show you how these essential marketing tools can be combined into one unified, easy to manage platform.How to Create an Online CommunityEmail marketing, social media, and endless webinars are producing diminishing returns. Learn about the new trends in marketing, online communities, and how to create and manage high-quality leads and customer interactions.

2023-05-09 Sessions